[SDL] Improvements to the GameController API
2017-01-24 23:21:30 UTC
Also, it's important (for a racing game, at least) to know whether the
steering axis is a racing wheel or equivalent with high-precision (i.e.
you can use 1-to-1 input values for in-game steering) or an analog
thumbstick or such (i.e. you need to use a response curve for input to
compensate for lack of near-centered accuracy).
I don't think this is releavant with the current state of GameController. For now it's only a tool to use the Xbox 360 controller as a lingua franca for similar controllers.

It could be extended to other types of devices : steering wheels, flight joysticks etc... but they have less standardized layout so I don't think this is relevant. Maybe with these types of devices we could provide physical information for providing better default analog settings.
I've implemented support for inverted axes and independently binding separated halves of axes
Thanks !

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