[SDL] SDL directory structure for Windows.
2017-04-18 17:26:49 UTC
My intent is to use CMake to resolve the location of SDL. I was on the
fence as to whether this was more CMake related than not, so I
apologize if this is the wrong place.

How should SDL2 be packaged for Windows? There is no way to "install"
it so I am at a loss as for how to tell CMake to look for it. What is
the directory structure on other platforms?

At the moment I am attempting to kludge a FindSDL.cmake file that is
circulating around the internet into working. Assuming I can point it
to a single directory containing all SDL2 related files, how should
they be placed in that directory?

What leads me to ask here is that these CMake settings would have
originally been created in reference to, hopefully, some SDL-specified
distribution format. Unfortunately I can't find much information on